Increasing Uptake of Vascular Checks

Multi-method study of a locally enhanced service to increase uptake of primary care vascular checks

NHS Health Checks is a national primary care-based initiative designed to estimate cardiovascular risk and to provide appropriate advice and treatment all patients aged 40-74. The aim of this study is to investigate whether attendance, uptake of treatments and reductions in risk factors are improved by the initiative, and equitable by socio-economic status and ethnicity. This is an observational before-and-after study of general practices that enter into a Locally Enhanced Service (LES) agreement with NHS Bristol. Analysis will be based on anonymised linked patient-level data from participating practices, and patient data returned to NHS Bristol as a condition of the LES. The primary outcome is attendance for a cardiovascular check within six months of invitation. Qualitative interviews will be conducted with patients who did and did not participate in the health checks, and with health care professionals.


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