Knowledge mobilisation

The team offers advice and information for commissioners, researchers, clinicians and others interested in working collaboratively across the professional groups. We can help you build the right relationships with the right people. For commissioners and clinicians we can help develop evaluation capacity and for researchers we can assist you in your dissemination efforts.

For researchers we can:

  • Provide information on the current NHS structure and healthcare landscape
  • Clarify local commissioner priorities to ensure that your research projects are as relevant as possible
  • Pass on top tips on engaging commissioners
  • Identify commissioners that might be able to work with you to help shape your grant and fellowship applications
  • Offer introductions to relevant local commissioners, service providers and clinicians
  • Help you to make your applications more competitive around dissemination and working towards impact
  • Signpost to the relevant Health Integration Team (HIT) working in your specialist area
  • Contribute to the development of dissemination strategies for active research projects

For commissioners we can:

  • Offer introductions to researchers working in your area of commissioning
  • Share relevant research and evidence, for example for business cases
  • Signpost to the Health Integration Teams (HITs)
  • Advise on evaluation approaches
  • Discuss how research could provide evidence or knowledge for commissioning issues
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