Posters and presentations

Presenting the KM team (Office document, 3,248kB)
An introduction to the Knowledge Mobilisation team and what we do.

Why knowledge mobilisation is needed (Office document, 2,234kB)
Academic research currently does not inform local commissioning decisions much and researchers need to know more about commissioning and how commissioners access and use information to better influence them. 

How commissioners access information (Office document, 2,210kB)
Evidence-based policy-making and the ‘art’ of commissioning - how commissioners access, use and transform academic research in ‘real life’ decision making: a qualitative study.

Evaluation of the first round of NHS fellows (Office document, 2,041kB)
Encouraging collaborations between researchers and commissioners: a qualitative evaluation of a knowledge mobilisation initiative.

Shall we meet for coffee? Experiments in collaborations (Office document, 695kB)
Experiments in ways of bridging the researcher commissioner gap: an implementation project.

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