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There are many ways in which you can collaborate with us, whether you are a policy maker, a practitioner or a fellow academic.

The University of Bristol is an international centre of excellence. It ranked in the top 100 in the World University Ranking and is recognised as having particular strength and breadth of expertise across the social sciences and law.

PolicyBristol specialises in bringing together academic, policymaker and practitioner expertise in innovative collaborations, through a diverse array of services:

  • Advice: PolicyBristol offers a range of support including impact workshops, information on policy developments (via our theme specific ‘Horizon scans’), access to contacts, and written policy guidance, alongside bespoke advice to academics wishing to engage.
  • Policy Briefings and Reports: PolicyBristol helps translate research findings into policy messages, and then disseminates these to the relevant target audiences in the form of policy briefings or reports.
  • Horizon Scanning: PolicyBristol conducts horizon-scanning activities on the national and international policy environment to maintain an up-to-date resource that outlines the progress of Bills, consultations and inquiries.
  • Buidling networks and brokering relationships: PolicyBristol builds networks and collaborations between researchers within the University and individuals, organisations and groups outside the academic community.
  • Training: PolicyBristol offers a range of training, geared towards building engagement related skills. Examples include engaging with Parliament, writing for a policy audience, and developing a social media presence.
  • Funding: The Impact Travel Awards consist of sums of up to £500 (available to all academics) to cover impact opportunities. Academics from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law are able to also take advantage of the PolicyBristol Support Scheme, designed to foster innovative engagements, knowledge exchange and impact.
  • Events: PolicyBristol supports academics and policy-makers to convene events to explore policy interventions based on research findings.
  • Communication and dissemination: PolicyBristol communicates research findings to interested parties in a variety of ways, including via social media platforms. Visit the PolicyBristol Hub or follow us on Twitter.
  • Intranet: Academics from the University of Bristol may take advantage of a range of additional opportunities and support, including information about funding opportunities and training, available through our Intranet.

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If you are interested in exploring opportunities to work with us in any of the ways listed below - or if you would like to discuss the possibilities for some other form of collaboration - then please contact us.

Intranet (UoB staff only)

PolicyBristol has been immensely significant in developing the public profile of our research programme. PolicyBristol's briefings have ensured that our research findings have been heard by policymakers, politicans, judges and trades unionists, and through the media including the Radio 4 Today programme and BBC Scotland TV.

Morag McDermont, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies