PolicyBristol brings together diverse policy-relevant work from across the University to make it more accessible to research users from outside the academic community. Applying academic knowledge to major policy problems facing contemporary society is a vital part of the University of Bristol’s mission. 

The University has an extensive portfolio of world-class research of high policy relevance, produced by experts located in many of its Schools. It is engaged in a broad programme of innovative and collaborative research addressing pressing contemporary social concerns. Our research has helped shape understanding of key policy issues, and why some policy issues are seen as key. We have developed new ways of assessing problems and new tools for dealing with them. Our academics have produced research and expert advice that has fed directly into policy debates and decisions at local, national and international spheres. Our work has considerable influence on policy and practice across government, the third sector, and a broad range of public services and organisations.

PolicyBristol: influencing policy through world-class research

PolicyBristol aims to enhance the influence and impact of the policy-relevant research undertaken by the University. Our objectives are to: