Inaugural lectures

Professor David Marks

I strongly encourage all newly appointed Professors to consider giving an inaugural lecture. It is an unprecedented opportunity to showcase and summarise your research and career and to acknowledge the work of your close colleagues and mentors.

Professor Susan Harrow

Giving your inaugural lecture is an unmissable rite of passage and a fantastic occasion to bring together family and friends, past and present colleagues, students, and members of the public.

Professor Kelley Johnson

It was a way of giving something back to the university that had appointed me as a professor and to the research centre of which I was head. I realised later how important it was to me too. A place to share ideas and a time to reflect.

Professor Iain Gilchrist

For me it was a great opportunity to thank my current research team and the wider group of academics that I have collaborated with over the years and to celebrate our shared successes.

Each lecture provides an opportunity for academics to share their achievements in research, innovation, engagement and teaching activities before an audience of members of the University community and the general public.

Some of the benefits of giving an inaugural lecture are:

  • The new professor can celebrate an important personal milestone with family, friends and colleagues, old and new.
  • It is an opportunity for the University to recognise and showcase the academic achievements of its staff.
  • Colleagues, both within the faculty and more broadly, can hear about research that is going on around the University.
  • It represents an essential component of the University’s public events programme, helping to create a wider awareness of the latest developments in science, engineering, arts and humanities, medicine, law and social sciences.

All new professors, both internal promotions and external appointments, are welcome to give an inaugural lecture.

Please contact your relevant Faculty office directly to discuss support available for organising your lecture.

Audio recordings of many of the previous inaugural lectures are available

Forthcoming lectures

Please contact your relevant Faculty office for information on any lectures