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Most of the print resources for your subject will be found in the Arts and Social Sciences Library. Use Library Search to find the classmark for an item, and to search for books and other materials.

The University of Bristol Theatre Collection, based in the Department of Drama, has a library of theatre related books, periodicals and original archival material, including the Women's Theatre Collection.

Digital resources

Film and television databases

Additional resources

  • Association of Performing Arts Collections - the subject specialist network of performing arts collections in the UK. The website also provides access to the UK Theatre Collections database.
  • Dissertation Express - a searchable index providing brief citation details to Dissertation Abstracts International. You can choose to personally purchase the full text of dissertations/theses you require or you can request them via our Inter-Library Loans Service.
  • IMDB (Internet Movie Database) - a database providing access to information about individual movies and TV programmes.
  • Luxonline - a website dedicated to British video and film art. The site contains an archive of works by film and video artists, including synopses, artist biographies, stills and streamed clips where available together with a section on the history of British film and video art, a glossary of terms, links to relevant web resources and reading material, and step-by-step guides on the techniques and processes in film and video art production.
  • Screenonline - a website devoted to the history of British film and television, and to Britain's social history as revealed by film and television. It features hundreds of hours of video clips from the collections of the bfi National Film and Television Archive, alongside thousands of stills, posters and press books. Please note that the video and audio clips can only be accessed through university computers, not through a home computer.

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