Science in Society

A new display in the Chemistry Library has been curated by Chemistry Postgraduate student Lara Lalemi, to coincide with the Big Ideas in Science lecture series: Science in Society.

Science in Society lectures

Over the three Science in Society lectures, Lara will be delving into some important topics. The display features books, eBooks, articles, podcasts and videos to support the three session themes: 

  • Session 1: Imposter Syndrome and Building Coping Mechanisms During University
  • Session 2: Decolonising STEM - How is it possible? 
  • Session 3: Scientific Ethics in Non-Human based Research

Suggest an Item!

If you would like to suggest items to add to the Chemistry collections, please get in touch with your Chemistry Subject Librarian, Bobbie Winter-Burke 

Visit the Display

Visit the display in the Chemistry Library or explore the full list of resources online, including books and eBooks, articles, podcasts and videos. 

The Chemistry library has a growing collection of books on topics such as Bristol’s history, women in STEM, environment and nature, diversity and inclusion. This collection will be available to all students soon, to find out more what the Chemistry Library offers please contact the Chemistry Subject Librarian Bobbie Winter-Burke. 

Four shelves displaying a range of book covers selected to support the Science in Society lecture series.
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