Our work

The HRIC manages a portfolio of projects which, across a number of thematic areas, aim to strengthen the implementation of Human Rights worldwide.

It is anticipated that the findings from these projects will contribute to a better understanding of the factors which influence implementation. This knowledge and information can be used in a very practical way; to assist a range of bodies at all levels to develop policies and procedures, as well as to establish mechanisms that promote and facilitate implementation in practice.

The HRIC’s work therefore encompasses a range of complementary activities, including:

  • conducting internationally recognised research aimed at enhancing implementation of human rights;
  • providing expert advice on the implementation of human rights directly to treaty bodies, governments, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organisations;
  • providing training on human rights law to government officials, and representatives from national human rights institutions and non-governmental organisations;
  • developing tools that can be used to assist implementation;
  • assisting in the development of standards and documents that help interpret human rights law obligations;
  • offering advice on human rights litigation at the national and regional levels;
  • providing pro-bono legal research assistance to organisations through the Human Rights Law Clinic.

Our work

HRIC focuses its research projects on ways in which Human Rights systems can be better implemented word wide. These projects encompass six main themes, centred around this idea of implementation.

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For more information please contact the Centre Administrator Paige Spicer

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