Centre members

Our people and their research interests

Mr Anil Matoo
International Legal Theory; Prisoner Rights; and International Human Rights Law

Dr Devyani Prabhat
Migration; Citizenship; Counter-terrorism; Child Rights

Professor Diego Acosta
Comparative Migration and Citizenship Law; Regional Free Movement of People Law; European Law
Dr Sandra Duffy

Professor Eirik Bjorge
International Dispute Settlement; General International Law; the relationship between International Law and Domestic Law
Miss Enenu Okwori
Use of force; cyberspace; international law

Dr Giacomo Biggio
Associate Professor Greg Messenger
World trade law; international dispute settlement; international law and legal theory
Dr Joshua Paine
International Adjudication; International Investment Law; International Trade Law
Dr Kathryn Allinson
Migration and Refugee Law; State Responsibility; International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law
Dr Lee McConnell
International Legal Theory; Business and Human Rights; Legal Personality
Professor Malcolm Evans
Law of the Sea; International Human Rights Law; International Adjudication
Dr Manoj Dias-Abey
International Political Economy; Migration and Refugee Law
Mr Matthew Burton
International Legal Theory; The relationship between International Law and State Law; International Humanitarian Law
Professor Pat Capps
International Legal Theory; Foreign Relations Law; International Legal Sociology
Dr Phil Burton
International Adjudication; Jurisdiction
Professor Rachel Murray
International Human Rights Law; International Law; relationship between International Law and Domestic Law
Dr Rachel Pougnet
Citizenship law; National Security Law
Dr Roseanne Russell
Business and Human Rights
Dr Sarah Zaghloul
Professor Tonia Novitz
International political economy; Migration and Refugee Law; Business and Human Rights
Dr Alice Venn
International climate law and policy; climate justice; international human rights law
Dr Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne
International adjudication; international humanitarian law; State responsibility
Sahar Shah
Climate; mythology; settler colonialism

PhD Students

Ricardo Buendia Esteban: International political economy; European Union law

Anamaria Fonsêca: Migration and Refugee Law; Citizenship and Ethnicity; International Human Rights Law

Chris Gray: the relationship between international law and state law; international human rights law

Sophia Soares: International human rights law; Prevention of torture; International refugee law and statelessness

Yentyl Williams: European Union Law; International Political Economy

Yi-Yi Lee: Anti-Money Laundering; International Political Economy; European Union Law

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