MyFiles (/ O: drive) to close on 9 December 2019


[01 October 2019]

For the last few months, we have been moving your files from your MyFiles /O: drive into a folder within your OneDrive for Business account named "MyFiles-Migrated". The migration of your files happens automatically every two to three days and will continue until 9 December, after which point MyFiles will be switched off.

This is a one way sync, so changes made in your OneDrive will not be replicated in your MyFiles account. If you wish to move files out of your MyFiles-Migrated folder, you will also need to move/delete the files from your original MyFiles folder to avoid them reappearing in the next sync.

If you are still using MyFiles then we recommend you move over to OneDrive as soon as possible to familiarise yourself with the new set up before 9 December. This applies to all staff and PGRs who were not part of the NWOW project, including Mac and Linux users. Mac users with UoB managed Macs will find OneDrive for Business already installed and like user of all platforms can also access their OneDrive through Linux users can use or RClone.

We are aware of a small number of cases where issues have been identified with some file transfers (e.g. extremely large files but we will be contacting these users directly next month.

We recommend checking your migrated files and contacting the IT Service Desk if you believe you have any missing files, well before 9 December.