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Phuong Mai Chu - MSc Finance and Investment Phuong Mai Chu

Among some high reputation universities in the UK, I chose University of Bristol because the city is located in the south and near the sea, which offer a warm and pleasant weather.  I feel happy with my choice of MSc Finance and Investment program, which includes interesting and practical modules.

The staffs in Bristol University are very friendly and helpful. The international office helped me a lot with extending my studying Visa as well as the visa procedure of travelling in Europe. Not just about visa issues, students also can get benefit from various programs held by the international office. Among them is the International Scholarship that I was lucky to be awarded. The scholarship helps me a lot to afford the high expenses in the UK.

The laptop clinic in the university is really awesome. They offer free services whenever you got problem with your laptop and are always willing to give instructions on how to use the software that you may not familiar with. I found the university’s laptop clinic staffs very professional when they solved the problem of my laptop and USB stick last month.

I’d like to spend most of my time to study in the Wills memorial library. I’d love to call the library a “Harry Potter world”, because it looks mysterious and ancient just like the magic world in the famous same name novel series. The library in real is much more beautiful and splendid than its pictures on the website. The skilful carved roof and beautiful ancient windows mixed in an antique building provide students with a peaceful and pleasant study environment.

The University as well as the dormitories for master students are located at the centre of the city, which help me save much money for travelling. I can get to the University, the shopping centre or the coach station just in about 15 minutes walk. However, female students may find out that they don’t have many chances to make themselves prettier with high heels due to the steep terrain in Bristol. Instead, it would be a good chance to do physical exercises while walking in the beautiful city.

Huy Hoang Ngo - MSc Finance and Investment Huy Hoang Ngo

University of Bristol, a new chapter in my life.

Life from my perspective often tries to push me in different directions, offering me valuable experience and sharpening my life skills.After two years working in the banking industry, it has led me to University of Bristol where I can discover more of the value of Western culture and advanced my knowledge to support my future career path.

There are thousands of reasons why I chose Bristol as my next stop. In addition to that fact that it is a high ranking university of international repute with excellent teaching staff, I chose Bristol because of its culture in teaching and studying. The University has established for itself an excellent recordin valuable contributions to society, exceptional research inthe UK and honourable awards.

I have been here in Bristol for 4 months. It is quite a short time but long enough for me to see that Bristol is a beautiful and green city with helpful and polite local people. Whenever I get lost, someone comes and shows me the direction I need to take. In addition, I have enjoyed the city’s life, historical monuments and made new friends here.

So far as my studying is concerned, I should grade ‘A’ formy professor’s enthusiasm and  ‘A+’ for the university’s library system! There are all sorts of books that I can borrow to read and study, especially expensive textbooks ,which not all students can afford. The teaching staff are very supportive. We attend their lectures and they give us assignments.  Later in tutorials they help students to understand completely the course work which has been covered. Moreover, I have found that most of the courses in my major such as, Asset Pricing, Investment Management, Derivatives and Quantitative Finance, etc.are all practical for those who wish to work in banking or finance field. It is my future plan after finishing the courseto work in the treasury department of a bank.

I am most grateful for being given the opportunity to study here. From what I have mentioned above, with all of my strengths and my motivations, I am confident to say that the University of Bristol is a good choice not only for me but also for other students who wish to develop their career path in future.

Phuong Thi To Ngo - BSc Economics

When I first came to England and began to think about university choices, Bristol wasn’t on my list. It was during Easter break that I went for a one-day trip to visit a friend here that I was totally charmed by the city. It was a bright sunny day and Bristol appeared to me beautifully with great landscapes, lovely local ‘village’, yet modern and dynamic city. It has just the right composition that I need for a perfect city to live in. I didn’t get to see much of the university that day but Wills Memorial and it has left a strong impression on me as depicting a picture of a good old, historic building and very much reminded me of King College’s Chapel. The more I get to live here, the more I love the city. It has the peace and serenity that I need, yet not too isolated, a perfect environment for studying. Another reason why Bristol attracts students is that it has a large variety of shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs. One can never get bored with the city’s nightlife as it has so much to offer. There are all sorts of things for everyone to go out and do.

I myself particularly love the landscape here, from the hills, the cliff, to the beach and the little harbour nearby. That’s what makes the architecture here so unique and Bristol has never failed to surprise me every time I ‘explore’ a new area. I was lucky enough to have my first choice of accommodation and got to live in Manor Hall which lies on top of a small hill. The view from my window is just mesmerising, looking down the whole city below, which is especially sparkling at night. It has such a good location with Clifton Village close by and just a walking distance to the university. There are all sorts of activities here organised by JCR so that I get to socialise more and share culture with everyone else. Being a university student and staying in hall is so great that everyone should experience at least once in their life. I just love Manor Hall!

The top reason why I chose the University of Bristol was the city itself, and secondly, its ranking and prestige for the major that I am pursuing – Economics. I think that the amount of work being delivered is just right, not too much as to give pressure, but not too lay back as well. I find tutorials being the most useful source as I get to understand my lectures more in depth and my tutors are all very nice. Since studying in university is so much different than being in A-level than I found myself struggling at first but I began to adapt slowly and library has become a good friend of mine ever since. To me, the university is not only about studying but also socialising with so many societies that I can join. I could remember how surprised I was seeing the “Cheese Society”. I got involve into many activities and volunteering which I always wanted to do but never really had neither a chance nor the right organisation.

I always think that I am so lucky and being able to study here is my best achievement ever. The university reputation itself would help me a great deal in walking my way towards the dream of being a banker. So far, I have been happy with everything and I would always be proud to say “I am a Bristol University student”.

Nam Anh Nguyen - MSc Economics, Finance and Management Nam Ahn Nguyen

I’m Nguyen Nam Anh from Vietnam. After graduating from Foreign Trade University in my country with a bachelor degree in Economics, I chose to study master in The United Kingdom as a next step in my occupation plan. According to the information on the Internet, University of Bristol made a strong impression on me at the first glance with its outstanding faculty and research facilities, especially a collaborate learning environment. Therefore, I unhesitatingly decided to become a part of this dynamic culture. After a half of term studying here, I realize that this is the best decision I have ever made.

At first, I was really impressed by the UK learning style, which encourages me study by myself. It totally differs from that of my own country. Here, I must spend most of time at the library and read a lot of textbooks under the guide of lecturers. That helped me understand deeply what I was taught rather than study for getting a high score in the final exam. Moreover, I also surprised about the close network among students, teachers and staff in our university which is via the official website, internal email and blackboard. It works great and very helpful for students, especially blackboard with the availability of all lecture slides, recording, and also previous exam papers.

Although in the beginning, I felt extremely nervous with the different learning style and also my English capability, it’s now no longer an issue to me thanks to the enthusiastic and friendly tutors and lecturers who helped me overcome all troubles. In Bristol University, every student will have their own personal tutor who is always available and willing to listen and share any problems with them, not only in study but also in life. Personally, I found it’s really helpful especially for international students who might face a lot of difficulties in their new life in a new country, just like me.

To sum up, I strongly think that I’ve been on right track and never regret with my decision to study in University of Bristol. The university has gave me the necessary academic and theoretical background as well as precious experiences in life that, I believe, will put me in a very strong position to further my career upon graduation.

Hai Long Pham - MEng Civil Engineering

Hai Long PhamGreetings,

I am Hai Long, currently a first year undergraduate, University of Bristol. Let me introduce you to the University of Bristol.

I have been staying in Bristol for 3 months, I have settled down well. And now, looking back, I have had a very good time here, in the land of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

I can still remember my first impression of Bristol. On a sunny Saturday, our college had an excursion trip to Bristol. The bus dropped us in a very large and spacious square near the floating harbor. Then, we walked along another huge square with the artificial waterfall and a giant, strange cubic to get to the @Bristol Explore. After 1,2 hours exploring what was inside the huge mansion of interesting mechanics house, we went out and found a giant cathedral and a very well-designed building just a few steps away. We were all impressed and stayed in a wooden chair for a while to enjoy the deep, wide blue sky out side. Then, we went along the main street to find the University of Bristol. But  I was attracted by a long, old and beautiful road with many trees within, which may lead to a hill. And instead of getting to the University, we went to a very wide, open hill, where we are able to see the city below with lots of white ships, rivers and houses. Wow, all of us uttered. That was a very pleasant and happy feeling and we went to the top of a high, old tower and once again, the city appears fully in your eyes like a very vivid lively picture. Oach!!!, time is up and we had to run quickly to our bus, but I didn’t forget to have a look at my discovered place again.

One year later, I had another chance to come to Bristol in my Interview day. This time, I got here by train instead of coach. My first stop was the Temple Meads Station, as I can still remember, that was a very spacious, bustling station with many platforms. Follow the instructions, I get the bus number 40 to get to the University, and met a very nice, friendly old-lady, who gave a very adequate and careful instruction for me on how to get to the University. After half an hour, I found the student Union where we had chance to meet current students in the department. Then we had a trip around Bristol, to the Downs, a very wide, spacious green square with some University Halls of Residence near by. Following the main road, the coach lead us to a very remarkable place, where we can appreciate the great bridge of the time, Bristol Suspension Bridge, standing firmly between two giant towers, attached to the tops of the two mountains, separated by an endless river, which runs smoothly between high, narrow valleys. And, surprisingly, this great structure was constructed over 150 years ago. 

After a while, I stopped in front a solemn, antique building call Queen’s Building, the building that has a distinctive shape of a robot with two big square eyes in the middle. Coming inside, I saw some people in a very good mood, with a lot of discussion and very motivated and fiery as they didn’t realise somebody were looking curiously at them. I went around, and I saw along the corridors, names of famous people were written down on the wall in a very respectful way. And I began to appreciate that Bristol is one of the greatest universities in the UK and began dreaming that one day I can become a member of the university. We had a brief introduction about the University of Bristol and the Department of Civil Engineering in a very huge and spacious lecture theatre. After the interview, we were taken around the department to see all the facilities like the Electrical Labs, Hydraulics Lab, Light/heavy testing labs, geotechnics lab. Also, we went to the library, a very quiet, warm studying area from which you can see the city below.

I came to Bristol as a new undergraduate in October. And now I have settled down well and began to enjoy my fascinating student’s life in Bristol. Bristol is a very nice, attractive and convenient city. For transportation, we have Temple Meads, 15 minutes walks from city centre, the head station of the south west, and we also have a coach and bus station at Malborough Street, 10 minutes walks from city centre. By using Megabus, you can get a trip to London for just one pound.

Being far from home for the first time may be quite worrying but you will settle down well, and here we have a lot of support for you. We have the Student Union, careers service, job shop. We also have personal tutor/ industrial tutor scheme to help you with your personal needs. Also, the lecturers and staff in Bristol University are very friendly and supportive, we always can contact them quickly and correspond by their email address which is published in the University. If it’s something that cannot be answered in detail by email, you can also make an appointment with him to have further discussions. I had made one appointment with my structural lecturer, we had an hour and that significantly helped my studies as well as my well-being. 

Once again, let me tell you that Bristol is such a very good University with a well-designed course. As long as you get to Bristol, you’ll begin to think that it’s worthwhile to study and work hard as it provides many opportunities and rewards for you. My course has a wide range of course works and laboratory classes, Within 10 weeks, we have completed 10 course works and 8 laboratory classes. All the course works are very challenging and interesting. For example, for the design and build project, we will have to design, draw, build and test a model structure of least weight from given materials, to carry a load of 5kN, e.g. half a ton, at the centre of a span of 0.85 meters. We were provided with two 6m-length of aluminum angle and one 6m length of aluminum flat.  Surprisingly after 3 weeks of working, we completed our beautiful bridge, and it can stand a weight of two persons without any risk of failure. The bridge will be tested tomorrow, very best wishes for my bridge. In Bristol, you will have a varied study timetable each week, so every week, you will feel that you have some lecture off and believe me, then you are always in a very good mood.

The last thing I want to mention is the university’s website and online-learning environment. Each individual student will have their personal account, which enables access to the many online resources such as teaching materials, ATHENS, and Blackboard. Blackboard, in particular, is a very useful tool, which contains most of the lecture notes from every lectures, tutorial sheets, example sheets and solution, as well as past papers and their solution. Also, you will have your own university e-mail address, which is a very fast and convenient means of communication between the faculty and student. I will be able to stay up to date with new announcements, new events and meetings held by the faculty and many other aspects.  Don’t be worried if you don’t have your personal computer or laptop, there are always computers rooms with very good CPU in the University Department, as well as in your University Halls of residences. Most of the internet connections will go through RESNET, a University network, which enables you to transfer files both internally and externally. Your connection is broadband, with very stable speed, some times, I found out that my download rate are as high as 2.1 Mbs, which is awesome. And you will have to pay only 55 pounds for the whole academic year.

Finally, many thanks for your attention. Hope to see you one day as a new Undergraduate in the University of Bristol.

Very best wishes, Hai Long

Thi My Chau Trinh - MSc Finance and Investment

Thi My Chau TrinhI am Trinh Thi My Chau coming from Vietnam. I graduated from Ha Noi Foreign Trade University in 2008 and worked for Unilever Vietnam for 3 years in finance development. Before moving to next stage in my career, I want to widen my knowledge in new area - investment. Thus, I aimed to a master program in UK. After scanning through universities in UK, I was interested in University of Bristol for some reasons. First, the Master in Finance and Investment program has interesting and practical subjects that meet my expectation. Second, Bristol University has good reputation and is in top 10 best university of UK with reasonable tuition fee. Last but not least, Bristol city was reviewed as peaceful city with high proportion of native British.

I am in the middle of the second semester of my course. In my opinion, the program is well designed for the purpose of bringing most benefit to students. The first semester provided quantitative, asset pricing and financial concepts that students from different backgrounds have firm foundation for advanced subjects. The second semester are really interesting with a number of practical subject such as: Investment Management, Derivatives and Quantitative Finance, etc. Beside, students have chance to improve their teamwork and academic writing skill as well as presentation skill by group assignments across subjects.

Education environment of Bristol University is superior. We are studying with outstanding students from all around the world. We are taught by experienced lecturers and professors who own encouraging and supportive spirit.

I am now student representative of Master in Finance and Investment program. It is really nice experience to me. I represented for more than 100 students of my program in school meetings to stand for their point of view. I am the bridge between the university and students.

I hope that I can successful finish my master course here in September and obtain an overseas job before coming back to Vietnam.

If you are interested in study overseas and ready to challenge yourself, Bristol University is a good choice. In addition, please be prepared for a really intensive course. However, don’t be worry so much as there are a lot of social clubs or activities available for you to relax after long-hour study.

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