University of Bristol Festival of International Research and Partnerships


19th April - 19th May 2021

Our inaugural month-long University of Bristol Festival of International Research and Partnerships celebrated the breadth, depth, and strength of our international work at all levels from undergraduate students through to illustrious visiting professors. 

Our International Research Partnerships team coordinated this new, virtual Festival, which featured a wide range of contributions from across the University using a variety of different platforms to highlight our international research and collaborations. Below you can find more information about the festival, recordings and highlights from the multi-day event showcasing the long-running prestigious Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorships scheme. 

BBMDVP Showcase

Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorships Showcase.


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Festival activity and events

We had a wide variety of events taking place during the Festival month exhibiting, highlighting and promoting international research collaborations and partnerships from across the University. The aim of the festival is to share our legacy of global engagement, to strengthen our existing partnerships, and catalyse new ones.

Events organised by International Research Partnerships

Please click the name of the event to access more information, including recordings.

‌‌Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorship (BBMDVP) Showcase

The International Research Partnerships team organised a series of talks showcasing some of our Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professors and their University of Bristol hosts. A wide range of scholarly fields were represented and researchers beamed in from different corners of the world to give their presentations.

Meet the Session Leads

A session to discover more about the events taking place during the Festival and to ask any questions.

Meet the University of Bristol International Teams

An opportunity to 'drop-in' via Remo to chat with a member of Research Development International (RDI) or the International Office.

Festival events with recordings

Please click the name of the event to access more information, including recordings.

‌‌‌Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC) Launch event

The Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC) represents the University of Bristol‘s cross-disciplinary commitment to championing transformation in research and partnership to advance Africa’s achievement of its own aspirations. To mark its Launch, PARC convened key academics, civil society, development and technical partners, and regional policy makers.

The 'infodemic' and vaccine hesitancy in the age of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic that turned the world upside down in early 2020 also triggered an ''infodemic'' of misinformation and conspiracy theories. How do we address vaccine hesitancy and other forms of misinformation? A number of possible countermeasures were discussed, including the important role of health care professionals in communicating the safety of vaccinations.

‌‌‌'Poverty and the Sustainable Development Goals: From the Local to the Global'

An international, interdisciplinary conference on Poverty and the Sustainable Development Goals: From the Local to the Global from one of the University of Bristol's Specialist Research Institutes, the Bristol Poverty Institute.

Festival of Ideas: Jemma Wadham, Why Are Glaciers so Important?

As one of the world’s leading glaciologists, Jemma Wadham – Professor of Glaciology at the University of Bristol and Director of the Cabot Institute for the Environment – has devoted her career to the glaciers that cover one-tenth of the Earth’s land surface. At this book launch she presented the story of glaciers, wilderness and people at a moment when their relationship is about to change forever.

Community Network for African Vector-Borne Plant Viruses (CONNECTED)

CONNECTED is building a sustainable network of international researchers to tackle crop diseases spread by insects in Sub-Saharan Africa. During this session CONNECTED presented thei activities and achievements both nationally and internationally, films about our research projects in Africa, infographics, and interviews with young Africa-based researchers.

‌‌‌‌'What's going on in Colombia? The view from Bristol

This seminar provided an opportunity to discuss recent events in Colombia since the beginning of the National Strike (Paro Nacional) on 28 April 2021. Speakers included Bristol-based experts: Dr Monica Amador Jimenez, Dr Roddy Brett, Professor Matthew Brown, Dr Lina Malagón.

Festival events without recordings

Please click the name of the event to access more information.

‌‌‌‌‌Faculty of Engineering Research Showcase

Through a series of panel debates and talks, this virtual event showcased some of our exciting, leading research in Engineering and Computer Science. Organised by Faculty of Engineering.

International Office: Sponsor Sessions

Our dedicated International Scholarship and Sponsors Team works with numerous funding bodies to ensure that the Student Sponsor experience is smooth and efficient. As part of the Festival of International Research and Partnerships, they offered the opportunity to book a 30-minute slot with the International scholarships and sponsors team.

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Bristol Arts Film Screening: Celebrating cycling

As lockdown restrictions began to ease and spring is all around us, Bristol Arts Filmcelebrated by showing two short documentaries about cycling (Mama Agatha by Fadi Hindash, and 10 Years and Counting by Touchpaper Productions) and discussed its relationship with overall wellbeing.

International Scholar Showcase

Showcasing the incredible talent of our international scholarship and sponsored students through a series of live webinars as well as virtual display spaces for students' work. Organised by International Office.

From venom phospholipases A2 to membranous nephropathy, a rare autoimmune kidney disease

In this talk Prof. Gerard Lambeau French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and University Côte d’Azur (UCA) presented some biological roles of both venom and mammalian sPLA2s and of PLA2R1 in host defense, atherosclerosis, sperm fertility, and membranous nephropathy, a rare but severe human autoimmune kidney disease in which PLA2R1 was identified as the major autoantigen.

Organised by Bristol BioDesign Insitute

‌Capacity building in data science skills to develop rural digital solutions

The Jean Golding Institute has been collaborating with the Strathmore University Business School in Kenya to address key societal challenges across sectors using data science. This seminar celebrated and promoted the JGI-Strathmore partnership and showcased international collaborative projects and events that have taken place.

‌Introducing the Global Social Challenges Journal

Bristol University Press, in partnership with the University of Bristol, organised a webinar on the Global Social Challenges Journal, a new, interdisciplinary, non-profit, open access journal, with a mission to question, explore and navigate the social and cultural aspects of the complex global challenges that face us all. It will be the first such journal to be based in the social sciences, whilst engaging with research from all fields of study, and the first content will be published in 2022.

‌‌Seminar with Claudia Vickers, CSIRO

This presentation detailed the available synthetic biology tools with examples of their application in isoprenoid production. Claudia Vickers also introduced our high throughput bioengineering facility – the CSIRO BioFoundry.

Organised by Bristol BioDesign Institute

‌‌‌‌‌Research without Borders

Organised by the Bristol Doctoral College, Research without Borders is the University’s festival of postgraduate research — a celebration of the pioneering work being done by postgraduate researchers (PGRs) across all faculties and schools.

Jean Golding Institute Postgraduate Researcher Project Showcase

Four talented Postgraduate students that successfully applied for seed corn funding from the Jean Golding Institute or have been working with the Alan Turing Instituteshowcased their data science projects and shared the work that was funded, the impact and societal benefits.

Cabot oceans seminar series: Reimagining the Pacific

How can creative responses to the Pacific Ocean from Peru and Chile help us to live well in changing coastal environments across the world? In this talk, Cabot Institute member Dr Paul Merchant presented some early findings from his current AHRC Leadership Fellowship project. How have artists addressed issues such as the impacts of overfishing and the degradation of coastal ‘sacrifice zones’? What lessons might these works hold for efforts to encourage collective action in the face of severe environmental challenges?


The organisers

The Festival was organised by the International Research Partnerships (IRP) team, who are part of Research Development International in the Research and Enterprise Division.  The IRP team have a portfolio of schemes designed to support, facilitate, and catalyse international research partnerships.