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The International Research Partnerships portfolio of awards sits within the Research Development International team. This team are able to draw upon a wide range of experience, knowledge, networks and expertise to best support development of international research partnerships, as well as linking in with other activities, including funding and policy engagement opportunities, within and beyond the University. In 2019 the University therefore made the strategic decision to bring this portfolio – much of which previously sat within the University’s former Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) – within the remit of the Research Development International team.

Driven by the vision of the portfolio’s academic lead, Provost Professor Judith Squires, this repositioning was accompanied by a review and reenergisation of the portfolio. As a result we have developed the exciting new Illustrious Visiting Partnerships scheme, as well as the evolution of the former Benjamin Meaker ‘Fast Track’ Awards into the new Next Generation scheme with a broader appeal and a stronger emphasis on blue skies thinking. This portfolio of activities is being developed and delivered by International Research Partnerships Manager Lauren Winch, with support from Sam Barlow and in consultation and collaboration with colleagues from across the Research Development International team.

Lauren Winch

Dr Lauren Winch 

International Research
Partnerships Manager            

Samantha Barlow

International Research
Partnerships Officer

If you have any queries regarding International Research Partnerships, please contact the International Research Partnerships team via irp-admin@bristol.ac.uk.

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