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Aberdeen Birth Cohort Reunion

Aberdeen Birth Cohort Reunion 2016

8 November 2016

Lively stories and fond memories were shared at the Aberdeen Birth Cohort Reunion

Update of recent results

The Imprinting methylation: early life influences and later cognition and mood project team recently hosted a reunion event for members of the Aberdeen Birth Cohort of 1936 (ABC36). During the event, cohort members and their families were updated on recent results arising from the cohort data and of ongoing studies, including a current study using Next Generation Bisulphite Sequencing to extensively quantify methylation profiles in imprinted genes in DNA obtained from ABC participants.

Lively stories and fond memories

The Aberdeen Birth Cohort of 1936 are volunteers who were born in 1936 and have been followed by researchers at the University of Aberdeen as they grow and age. The cohort members showed a keen interest when researchers got the chance to mingle and discuss studies over tea, coffee and cakes, and the researchers were rewarded with lively stories and fond memories from the past.

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