Monitoring and Reporting Terminology

This page aims to explain some of the terminology used to gather information about our staff population when using systems such as ‘MyERP’. It also explains the categories we use when reporting on the makeup of our staff population and the reasons for this.

By sharing your diversity information with us, you will enable us to build a more accurate picture of our staff community. This helps us to identify, understand, and remove barriers, to ensure that everyone has the best possible workplace experience.

When you disclose your diversity information on 'MyERP', the data you provide will not be shared with your line manager, and is only accessible by trained and selected personnel for specific monitoring and reporting purposes. 

Update your personal data

The 'MyERP' System allows you to review, disclose and update your Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Gender Identity, and Gender Identity Status. It only takes 5 minutes to update your diversity information.

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