Research workshops

IAS research workshops are:

Types of Workshop:

There is no set format for workshops, and no set number.

Postgraduate/postdoctoral events can take the form of a series of seminars or one-off events, possibly involving University of Bristol academic staff and occasional external speakers. Funds available: up to £1,000.

For academic staff, a typical workshop series will involve 2 - 3 seminars or sandpits, so that the topic and collaboration in focus can realise some cumulative development within the series. The primary focus is on internal theme-building,
The workshops can fit anywhere along a spectrum from the purely exploratory, to something more organized and planned by an already (recently) established network. Funds available: The maximum award available for any single research event is £1,000 and  a workshop series is £2,500.

This funding scheme is not suitable for applications to support conferences.

Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) 

 Next Deadlines: Friday 15 November 2019 

How to apply

Anyone considering applying for workshop funding should feel free to discuss their plans with the IAS/WUN Manager Dr Susan Jim.

IAS Research Workshop Plus

Projects developed through IAS Research Workshops which are in the process of seeking external funding can be supported for a further workshop series within the IAS Research Workshop Plus scheme.

Applications should be submitted on the Research Workshop Plus application form (Office document, 148kB)

Deadlines as for Research Workshops.

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‌For us, the Migration workshops IAS funded, led directly to the building of a thriving network of migration researchers at Bristol - before that a few of us knew of each others' work

Katharine Charsley, Sociology, Politics and International Studies