IAS/WUN Development Manager - Susan Jim

Susan is the University of Bristol’s Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) and Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Development Manager.

Susan read Chemistry with Studies in Continental Europe at the University of Bristol and spent her year abroad at the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie et Physique, University of Bordeaux, France. She stayed at Bristol’s Organic Geochemistry Unit (OGU) for her postgraduate studies and obtained a PhD in Analytical Chemistry (2000) funded by the Wellcome Trust’s Bioarchaeology Studentship Awards scheme. This work focused on the development of bone cholesterol stable carbon isotope values as a new source of palaeodietary information. Susan was subsequently awarded and held a Wellcome Trust Bioarchaeology Fellowship at the OGU to develop this work further to include the stable carbon and nitrogen isotope signals from individual amino acids derived from bone collagen.

Susan joined the IAS in October 2005 and has taken on a dual IAS/WUN role since May 2011 to promote synergies between the two initiatives - cross-faculty interdisciplinary research, researcher mobility, facilitating new projects and networks - on the Bristol university-wide level at IAS, and within WUN, a global partnership of 19 research-intensive universities committed to working together to support research and education in areas of global significance.

The current IAS themes are: ideas, intellectuals and the role of the university; inspiration/creativity in the knowledge process, and animal-human interactions. The current global challenges or collaborative research programmes that are being fostered by WUN are: Responding to Climate ChangeGlobal Higher Education and Research; Public Health and Non-Communicable Disease, and Understanding Cultures.

More on Bristol's involvement in WUN can be found on the WUN Central website. Details of local Bristol WUN initiatives are available on the Bristol WUN website.

Susan still consults on compound specific stable isotope analysis in her spare time.

Full publications list in the University of Bristol publications system.