Fast Track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor Michael Mickelbart, Purdue University, Indiana, USA

Early 2015 (tbc) FTBMVP Mickelbart

Dr. Michael V. Mickelbart received his Bachelors of Science degree in botany at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) and his Ph.D. in plant physiology at Purdue University. Following his Ph.D., he was a postdoctoral fellow at UCR, then held the position of Lecturer in Plant Science at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand for four years. He is currently an Associate Professor of Plant Physiology in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University. Dr. Mickelbart’s has conducted research on crop growth and development and response to stress, secondary metabolite production in response to stress, and plant nutrition. His current research interests include plant response to the environment, with particular emphasis on plant abiotic stress tolerance.


Dr Mickelbart's visit is co-sponsored by the IAS and the Cabot Institute.

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