IAS Research Workshop: Data science for the real world (workshop 1)

1 May 2015, 9.30 AM - 1 May 2015, 1.00 PM

LR8 in the Arts Complex at 3-5 Woodland Road

Data Science can be viewed as unifying all researchers who are interested in gaining information about the world from data. This event is the first in a series aiming to explore the different aspects of working with data, particularly at scale, and bridging the gaps across disciplines including, but not limited to: statistics, machine learning, algorithms, data mining, and the use and development of large-scale complex IT systems. 

Attendance is encouraged for researchers wanting to improve their ability to work with Big Data, develop methodology or infrastructure for others, or raise a challenge to the data science community. An important aspect of this workshop series is to learn about what expertise is available in Bristol, and to find areas in which cross-discipline collaborations are possible. There is time over lunch to network, to discuss the ideas presented, and to identify how our own research is connected to advances in data science.


    Introduction - Dan Lawson
    Jonty Rougier - A statistician reflects on the Netflix Prize


    Tijl de Bie - On data science and data driven science
    Patrick Rubin-Delanchy - Finding statistical patterns in Big Data


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Contact information

This event is part of the IAS research workshop series Data Science Challenges for the Real World.

For more information please email Dr Daniel Lawson at Dan.Lawson@bristol.ac.uk.