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IAS Winter Lecture: Thomas Docherty, 'For the University'

16.30 The Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building

Thomas Docherty (University of Warwick), author of For the University (Bloomsbury 2011)

"Globalisation is never neutral, and nor is it by any means an unquestionable good. It is lived and experienced very differently in different parts of the world, and even within single nation-states and regions. This situation affects institutions in Higher Education every bit as much as it does practices in the business and commercial sectors. Further, there are several different modes of globalisation, including (among others) economic, political and cultural globalisations. If the University is to consider itself as a global institution, it has to find ways of addressing its roles in each of these domains. In doing so, I shall argue, the University will also have to re-cast its priorities and even its foundational principles in both the international and local setting. The task ahead is to begin to describe the shape of those priorities, and to explore whether the current direction of travel is appropriate."

Please email Edwina Thorn and Conny Lippert, if you would like to attend.