Academic selection process

Recruitment, Selection and Support for new Academic Staff policy

The University of Bristol is committed to ensuring that it has the right people in place to achieve its vision and mission in an increasingly competitive international market for the best academic talent. The purpose of the Academic Staff Policy is to provide an effective platform to face the challenges of this environment, while ensuring that the University’s commitment to ensuring equality, diversity and transparency throughout the organisation is upheld. It is recognised that recruiting academic staff is a strategically important activity that needs to be undertaken professionally and with the full engagement of all those involved. A positive approach to diversity allows for the selection of the best person for the job based on merit alone and free from bias on the grounds of factors such as age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation or religious belief, that are not relevant to the person’s ability to do the job. Employers that take this approach are more likely to be seen as a fair, positive and progressive place to work by the diverse society that they are part of. This philosophy underpins the University's Equality and Diversity policy and the best practice principles outlined in this document. The emphasis here is not only on robust selection criteria and effective decision-making, but on proactively representing the University as an attractive destination for talented academics and recognising that the recruitment and selection process is two-way. Integral to this policy is a partnership approach in which Human Resources will work closely with the recruiting department/faculty on co-ordinating the recruitment and selection process and a smooth introduction for new academic staff.

The full guidance on the Academic selection process can be found here: Recruitment, Selection and Support for new Academic Staff (PDF, 360kB)