Background of the Professional Services Career Framework Project

The Registrar and Chief Operating OfficerLaunch

At the time of implementing the University’s Support Process Review (SPR), one of the key objectives was to:

‘Strengthen the career progression opportunities for support staff (in support of the University’s aim of being a first class employer and enabling staff to make an excellent contribution)’

Over the past 18 months a small group from across the University has been working to identify and depict potential career pathways for Professional Services staff across the University. Members of the group have engaged with staff and managers in their own areas to develop the pathways, and held a number of focus groups with broader representation to ‘sense-check’ the proposals more widely.

Last year’s Support Staff Conference and this year’s Professional Services Managers Conference provided valuable feedback and information which has influenced, and will continue to inform, our thinking as the Framework develops.

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Professional Services Career Framework Website, which provides a dynamic and interactive means for staff and managers to explore potential pathways, and to identify possible opportunities for movement and/or career development. It also provides details of the relevant skills/knowledge and experience required.

The launch of this tool provides a very timely link with the introduction of the new approach to Staff Review and Development, and I would strongly encourage you to take some time out to have a look at the Professional Services Career Framework, to explore how it might help inform career development discussions for you and/or your staff within the SR&D context.

We see the Framework as a ‘living and evolving’ tool, which will be further developed over coming months and years. It is very much ‘work in progress’ and in the near future, links through to training/development opportunities will be added to support the achievement of career development/progression and more work will be done on the Technical Staff Pathways. We will also add and amend pathways as roles and structures develop.

We would be pleased to receive any feedback on the Framework, at

Robin Geller, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer

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