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Fraud Alert

5 July 2018

Please be alert to a phishing attack currently targeting university students.

We have been receiving reports that many University of Bristol students have received an email offering a financial award from the Department of Education.

These are phishing/scam emails that ask students to click on a link to a fraudulent website. If you have received one of these emails, please delete it and do not click on the link.

If you have clicked on the link you will have been asked to enter information such as credit or debit card details, national insurance number or driving licence number. The University would never ask for this information as we do not make payments in that way. These details have been requested so that the fradsters can take money from you.

If you have entered these details, you should contact your credit or debt card provider and inform them that your details have been compromised. They can then attempt to stop the funds from being withdrawn from your account.

If you have any further concerns about this fraudulent activity or if you would like to report the scam email, please forward it to the IT Services at

Five clues that these emails are from a fraudster:

  • The emails are addressed to students' usernames.
  • The emails appear to have been sent from another student.
  • The link does not go to a University of Bristol website.
  • There is use of poor English and grammar in the text.
  • The signature refers to 'Finance Department', which is not the name of the University's Finance division.

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