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Academic staff

NameTitleEmailFull Contact Details
Badcoe, Tamsin Lecturer in English Contact Tamsin Badcoe
Baden-Daintree, Anne Teaching Fellow in English Contact Anne Baden-Daintree
Batt, Jennifer Lecturer in English (Eighteenth Century) Contact Jennifer Batt
Bennett, Andrew Professor of English Contact Andrew Bennett
Blades, Andrew Lecturer in Literature and Medicine Contact Andrew Blades
Calvert, Ian Teaching Fellow in English Contact Ian Calvert
Cheeke, Stephen Senior Lecturer in English Contact Stephen Cheeke
Coit, Emily  Lecturer in English (American Literature of the 19th Century)  Contact Emily Coit

Daw, Sarah

Vice Chancellor's Fellow Contact Sarah Daw

Dawson, Lesel

Senior Lecturer in English Contact Lesel Dawson

Farr-Cox, Jess

Senior Teaching Associate in English Contact Jess Farr-Cox
Fay, Jessica Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Contact Jessica Fay
Forbes, Erin Lecturer in African American Literature Contact Erin Forbes
Fulton, Helen Chair in Medieval Literature Contact Helen Fulton
Gallwey, April Senior Teaching Fellow in English Literature and Community Engagement Contact April Gallwey
Gill, Josie Lecturer in Black British Writing of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Contact Josie Gill

Griffith, Gareth Senior Teaching Fellow & Director of Part-time programmes Contact Gareth Griffith
Hanaway-Oakley, Cleo Lecturer in Liberal Arts and English Contact Cleo Hanaway-Oakley
Harris, Siân Senior Teaching Fellow, Director of Teaching and Digital Learning Contact Siân Harris
Holberton, Edward Lecturer in Early Modern Literature Contact Edward Holberton
Hume, Cathy Lecturer in English Contact Cathy Hume
James, Stephen Senior Lecturer in English Contact Stephen James
Jones, Hester Senior Lecturer in English Contact Hester Jones
Kahora, Billy Lecturer in Creative and Professional Writing Contact Billy Kahora
Karlin, Daniel Winterstoke Professor of English Contact Daniel Karlin
Kennedy-Epstein, Rowena Lecturer in Gender and Women's Writing Contact Rowena Kennedy-Epstein
Krishnan, Madhu Lecturer in English Literature (20th/21st-Century Postcolonial Writing) Contact Madhu Krishnan
Lee, John Senior Lecturer in English Contact John Lee
Lock, Pam Senior Teaching Associate Contact Pam Lock
Lyons, Bex Teaching Associate in English and Personal Development Contact Bex Lyons
Malay, Michael Lecturer in English Literature and Environmental Humanities Contact Michael Malay
Matthews, Samantha Senior Lecturer in English Contact Sam Matthews
Maude, Ulrika Reader in Modernism and Twentieth-Century Literature Contact Ulrika Maude
McClune, Kate Lecturer in English Contact Kate McClune
McTague, John Lecturer in English (Restoration & 18th Century) Contact John McTague
Pite, Ralph Professor of English, Director of Institute for Advanced Studies Contact Ralph Pite
Powell, Rosalind Lecturer in the Long Eighteenth Century (1700-1830) Contact Rosalind Powell
Publicover, Laurence Lecturer in English Literature (Shakespeare) Contact Laurence Publicover
Puri, Tara Lecturer in English (Victorian Literature) Contact Tara Puri
Putter, Ad Professor of Medieval English Literature Contact Ad Putter
Savvas, Theo Lecturer in English Literature (Contemporary Period) Contact Theo Savvas
Sides, Kirk Lecturer in World Literatures in English Contact Kirk Sides
Sperlinger, Tom Reader in English Literature and Community Engagement Contact Tom Sperlinger
Steggle, Matthew Chair in Early Modern English Literature Contact Matthew Steggle
Tether, Leah Reader in Medieval Literature and Digital Cultures Contact Leah Tether
Thebo, Mimi Reader in Creative Writing Contact Mimi Thebo
Thomas-Hughes, Helen Senior Teaching Associate in Literary Communities Contact Helen Thomas-Hughes
Vaccarella, Maria Lecturer in Medical Humanities Contact Maria Vaccarella
Verweij, Sebastiaan Lecturer in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance English Literature Contact Sebastiaan Verweij
Wootten, William Lecturer in English  Contact William Wootten
Wright, Jane Senior Lecturer in English Literature Contact Jane Wright

Research staff

Ailes, Adrian  Visiting Fellow
Donaldson, George Senior Teaching Associate
Haines, Kate Research Asssociate
Hammond, Brean Research Associate in Humanities
Hopkins, David Senior Research Fellow in English, Emeritus Professor of English
Lyon, John Research Fellow
Mason, Tom Research Fellow in Humanities
Meale, Carol Senior Research Fellow in English
Punter, David Senior Research Fellow, Emeritus Professor of English
Stokes, Myra Research Fellow
Webb, Tim Senior Research Fellow in English, Emeritus Professor of English

Part-time tutors

Amoretti, Chiara
Ashby, Patrick
Avery, Jack
Bateman, Mary
Benson James, Louise
Bull, Steve
Cartwright, Penelope
Cataldi, Claudio
Chester, Emily
Crowley, Emma
Derbyshire, Emily
Hind, Heather
Hutcheon, Rebecca
Lings, Jane
Murray, Rachel
Neto, Oliver
Osborne, Alex
Passey, Joan
Robinson, Catherine  
Royle, Charlotte
Savage, Craig
Thomas, Leonie
Williams, Gareth
Young, Sharon
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