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Publication of Oxford History of Classical Reception

16 July 2019

The fifth and final volume of the Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature (OHCREL) will be published on 24 July 2019 by Oxford University Press. The general editors of this monumental work of scholarship, Prof. David Hopkins and Prof. Charles Martindale, are both emeritus professors at the University of Bristol. In addition to acting as general editors for the entire series, Prof. Hopkins (Department of English) and Prof. Martindale (Department of Classics and Ancient History) edited its third volume, which focuses on the years 1660 to 1790. 

The five volumes are designed to offer a comprehensive investigation of the numerous and diverse ways in which literary texts of the classical world have stimulated responses and refashioning by English writers. Covering the full range of English literature from the early Middle Ages to the present day, OHCREL both synthesizes existing scholarship and presents cutting-edge new research, employing an international team of expert contributors for each of the five volumes. 

The series is set to complicate and enrich our understanding of English literature in a variety of ways, interrogating conventional assumptions about literary periods, the processes of canon-formation, and the relations between literary and non-literary discourse.

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