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New Publication: Dr John McTague's Things that Didn't Happen

10 September 2019

Dr John McTague's Things that Didn't Happen: Writing, Politics and the Counterhistorical, 1678-1743, published by Boydell & Brewer, explores fake news and alternative reality in late Stuart and early Hanoverian political and literary culture, covering events such as the Popish Plot and the South Sea Bubble as well as literary texts including Alexander Pope's mock-epic poem The Dunciad. The monograph draws on a rich variety of sources - popular, archival and literary - to investigate the propagandic and literary exploitation of three kinds of things that did not occur at this time: failures which inspired "what if" narratives; speculative futures which failed to come to pass; and "pure" fictions created and disseminated for political gain.   

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