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Boeing prizes and scholarship awarded to Aerospace Engineering students

10 January 2012

Boeing prizes and scholarship awarded to Aerospace Engineering students

Mark Hazzard and Chris Booth, who both graduated with 1st class MEng degrees in July 2011, have both been awarded £500 prizes for their final year project entitled, "An investigation into the feasibility of reducing environmental impact of short-haul aviation in North America". Their project was a joint activity between Aerospace Engineering (Dr Mark Lowenberg) and the School of Chemistry (Dr Dudley Shallcross), and sought to quantify aviation emissions and assess their influence on atmospheric chemistry, in particular that of NOx on ozone production in the troposphere. Mark is currently at Rolls-Royce where he has joined the graduate development scheme, while Chris is currently travelling in Canada.

Nicholas Vitale, a recent graduate (February 2012) of the MSc in Integrated Aerospace Systems and Design was also awarded a £500 prize for his project entitled, "The Dynamic Testing and evaluation of Titanium Graphite hybrid Laminates (TiGR)". In his project, Nick developed an innovative technique to simulate fatigue loading on novel Titanium Graphite hybrid laminates for aerospace applications. The technique is based on resonance tests with amplitude and frequency tracking, and allows for a significant reduction in the costs associated with traditional accelerated fatigue techniques. With his state-of-the-art technique, Nick has managed to initiate fatigue cracks and failure of  specimens that has not been done before on such laminates. Nick is now working for Airbus in Bristol.

Nicholas Metaxas, currently in his third year of studies on the MEng degree programme has been awarded a final year scholarship worth £3,000. Nicholas is an outstanding student with an exemplary academic record. He has consistently performed at the very top of his peer group, and in all three years has averaged over 80% with an extremely high set of first class marks. In his third year, Nicholas studied abroad for the year and was awarded a GPA of 3.97 from Purdue University as well as being placed on the Dean's List.  Whatever he chooses to do in the future, whether a PhD or to work in industry, he will continue to excel and will be a true credit to the University of Bristol.


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