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£680k Funding for AIYP audiovisual wildlife experience

ARKive photo - Young western lowland gorilla The government - backed Technology Strategy Board has awarded £680k to facilitate the AIYP Audiovisual Wildlife Experience, as part of a £7 million investment that will improve co-operation between infrastructure providers, content producers, users and software developers.  More than half the funding goes to University of Bristol Professors Dave Bull and Andrew Nix drawing on their work from the Visual Information Laboratory and Communication Systems and Networks research groups respectively, and their previous project Visualise.

ARKive In Your Pocket (AIYP- say APE!) will provide an enhanced immersive audiovisual experience for visitors to wildlife locations and ‘events’ using wireless networks.  It is a two year strategic research and development collaboration lead by 3C Research, and involving the University of Bristol, VID Communications, Wildscreen (ARKive), the BBC, Toshiba, Motorola, Mubaloo and ProVision.  The total project budget is ~£1.4M.

Content will be delivered from the extensive ARKive resource  in trials at Bristol Zoo (for exotic, captive animals), and at Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Slimbridge (for the captive collection and migratory wild animals).

The project runs for two years from May 2011.