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Wellcome Trust grant awards £390,000

A team of researchers at Bristol University’s Bristol Vision Institute (BVI) has been awarded a £0.4M grant to establish a joint research facility.

One of the main research aims of BVI is to study how motor behaviour such as, locomotion and eye-hand co-ordination, is controlled by visual information.  Achieving a level of realism and control in such research requires extensive facilities for real-time visual stimulus and behavioural measurements.

The new facility will include a 12-camera motion capture system for fast and accurate measurement of position and movement of body segments in 3D space.  A treadmill with integrated force platform will be used to measure the biomechanical response to visual stimulation. 

In addition, the researchers will need to know an observer’s point of gaze in order to determine whether and what visual signals have been picked up.  A mobile eye tracker will be used, so that participants can move freely within their environment.  The treadmill will be surrounded by a group of screens used for stereo projection of a visual scene, together with a head-mounted display (HMD) to provide a ‘richer’ visual environment.

Professor David Bull, Director of BVI, said: “Vision is studied by a wide range of experts including physiologists, psychologists, biologists, engineers and computer scientists. Only by combining methods from these varied disciplines can we hope to get a full understanding of the complex underlying issues.”

For Further Details: Professor David Bull, Director Bristol Vision Institute, email

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