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The Robotics MSc will provide you with a wide understanding of the practice and theory of advanced robotic systems, with wide-ranging applications from industry to research. The programme is sufficiently general to give you an excellent background for a professional career in the robotics sector whilst also providing the specialism and detail necessary for a career as a researcher. The MSc is unique in drawing on the strengths of two universities, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, who are partners in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) a world leading facility for multi-disciplinary robotics research, and the leading and largest academic center for robotics research in the UK with over 150 academic staff and 3000 square meters of laboratory space.

Why Robotics?

Robotics is the fastest growing industry in the world and poised to become the largest industry in the next decade. This growth is leading to revolutionary new developments in autonomous manufacturing, healthcare, transport, societal care, secure energy and many other disciplines. Research developments in recent years have reached a stage where developments in these areas are now a commercial reality.

This progress has created a rapidly growing worldwide demand for experts in a range of disciplines in this expanding billion-dollar industry. Robotics as a discipline brings together individuals from a range of different backgrounds including artificial intelligence, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, material science, neuroscience, physiology, and even psychology.

We aim to develop your critical and practical skills in the creation of intelligent robotic systems. This involves understanding and critically analysing the nature of intelligence in natural and artificial systems and using the resulting insights to build smart technologies.

Why an MSc?

The MSc in Robotics provides a programme for high quality graduates in Engineering and Science to develop their skills and problem solving abilities beyond the specialisation of their first degree.

The programme meets the following aims:

  • It provides a broad Robotics education at postgraduate level
  • It allows students on the course to develop their skills in a variety of fields through taught courses, case studies and laboratory work.
  • It provides the opportunity for a major, industrially or research relevant project to be carried out individually by each student on the course.

The MSc also benefits from cross-over with Bristol's new Centre for Doctoral Training in robotics and autonomous systems FARSCOPE offering students a route into postgraduate research for a PhD degree.

The MSc, then, provides an excellent route into a highly important area of industry and research, at a world-leading centre for robotics. Bristol is also renowned for the standing of its Universities, its historic and beautiful town centre, and is consistently voted the 'best city to live in the UK'.

The programme director is Dr Paul O'Dowd from the Department of Engineering Mathematics.

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The Bristol Robotics Laboratory is one of the UK's most comprehensive robotics innovation facilities and a leading centre of robotics research.

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