Mathematical Modelling

The modelling exercises on this page are intended to be worked on by groups of 2-5 students. Many of the exercises have multiple sheets that should be used consecutively. Copy the front sides of the sheets and then give the first sheet in a set to a group of students. Hand out the subsequent sheets only when the group has finished working on the previous one. (Sheets may contain solutions to previous ones and several sheets being handed out at the same time can overwhelm some students).

Further information

Many of the questions don't have clear cut answers, and sometimes alternative paths to solutions are possible.

The back side of each sheet shows notes on the solution. These notes are targeted at teachers and should not normally be provided to students.


Teacher version

Double-sided problem sheets for teachers with solutions

Student version

Single-sided problem sheets without solutions for easy printing

The modelling exercises are provided by the University of Bristol under a creative commons no derivatives license CC-ND 4.0 (you can copy and distribute the sheets as you like, even commercially, but you cannot change them; for more info see

We are constantly improving the exercises and making further exercises available so come back for updates.



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