Study abroad

Every student in the department has the opportunity to spend their third year studying at a university overseas. Being away from the UK, having greater independence, and being exposed to different ways of studying and living all give you fresh perspective on your future. It’s a brilliant experience, and one that will do your studies – and your future career – a world of good.

A global marketplace

British graduates are increasingly looking for jobs outside the UK, and employers, keen to develop in the global marketplace, are looking for graduates with cross-cultural experience. Students who study abroad are in a perfect position to take advantage of the global labour market as well as adding a very different dimension to the standard student experience.

A wide range of links

We have formal links with many top-ranking universities around Europe and further afield. We can set up new links too, to match your interests, provided that we can find a good match for our compulsory 3rd year courses. Since Engineering Mathematics is a common subject worldwide, this isn't usually a problem. Studying a language is an option on all our courses, but opportunities to study overseas are open to everyone through our partnerships with English-speaking universities.

For more information about study and work abroad, please visit the Go abroad website.

I spent my 3rd year at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain, an unforgettable experience. I had freedom to choose my courses, so while I kept up with the Bristol programme, I could explore other areas I was curious about.

The year was academically rewarding but the reason I advise other students to study abroad is the cultural experience. The trips, incredible friendships with students of all nationalities, the extraordinary combination of Muslim and Spanish culture, architecture and sunshine, and above all the discovery of human variety in lifestyle and personality; it all helps you understand who you are and, more importantly, where you are going.

Gwendoline Huret (Engineering Mathematics, 4th Year, Undergraduate)
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