Russell Sassoon: 2007 graduate

I am currently working for Accenture as an associate software engineer. I had a great time at University and, now that I am working, can really appreciate those aspects of computer science at Bristol you tend to take for granted when studying for your degree. In particular, the variety of subjects available has not only given me a firm foundation in numerous areas of computing, but also the ability to be productive almost immediately after starting a piece of work in an area completely unfamiliar to me. This adaptive quality has proved to be highly valuable in my job so far.

I am also finding that, as the subject areas within the computer science course are so relevant to today's IT industry, I have a distinct edge when applying for roles within my company. What's more, I have confidence in my own abilities once on a project as a result of the challenging and engrossing work encountered throughout my time at Bristol.

Computer science at Bristol to me is all about learning through involvement, where you are given the freedom to explore the areas that interest you. The course always seemed to be ahead of the game both in terms of the research and teachings on offer, and the technology available. Not only has computer science at Bristol given me a deep understanding of the subject, but also the poise to challenge ideas and really think for myself, which is essential in such a fast-evolving industry.

Russell Sassoon
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