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Director of Research Leon Tikly
Thematic Group Directors Susan Robertson(Learning Societies)

Rosamund Sutherland (Learning Inquiry)

Keri Facer (Learning Lives)

Thematic Group Deputy Directors Marina Gall(Learning Societies)

Rachel Sutton-Spence (Learning Inquiry)

Malcolm Reed (Learning Lives)


Duncan Coutts

Lindsey Horner

Laura Griffiths

Centre for Mind and Brain in Educational and Social Contexts (M-BESC) Paul Howard-Jones
Centre for Research on Globalisation, Education and Societies (CR-GES) Susan Robertson
Centre for International and Comparative Studies (ICS) Michael Crossley
Centre for Learning, Knowing and Interactive Technologies (L-KIT) Sue Timmis
Centre for Classroom Research/Narrative Inquiry Centre (NIC) Malcolm Reed
Centre for Multilevel Modelling (CMM) Bill Browne

Kelvyn Jones

Centre for Assessment and Evaluation Research (CAER) Sally Thomas
Centre for Systems Learning and Leadership (CSLL) Ruth Deakin Crick
Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science Education (CISSE) Sibel Erduran