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Benchmarking and quality of school's education enhancing the impact of indicators (BEQUAD)

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This study examines the way educational indicators such as those reported by OECD in 'Education at a Glance' are used by policy makers across seven EU member states.

It aims to address several areas:

  • clarification regarding the key aspects of educational quality that should be measured;
  • the technical and practical aspects of standard setting and benchmarking;
  • the need for a more theme-based presentation of indicators,
  • feedback on the basis of indicators to lower levels in the educational system, including schools.

In all these areas the trade-off between the standardisation required to enable quantitative comparison and the need to contextualise the information on the basis of pertinent national conditions will be investigated via documentary analysis and interviews with selected national/local policy makers.

Project director(s):
Professor Sally Thomas
Project funder:
Project group:
China Educational Research Network (CERN)
Professor Sally Thomas