Deferred access to dissertations

Research students may request to defer public access to their dissertation. Request must include a justification and propose a reasonable period for the deferral. See Sections 9.2.5 and 9.6.2 of the Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes. 

The Library provides guidance on potential reasons for making a request. 

Research students should discuss deferral requests with their main supervisor before completing the request to defer access to a research degree dissertation form (Office document, 37kB). Where there are contractual, security or satefy obligations, the main supervisor may decide to make the request directly.

If a deferral has been granted, an extension may be approved following completion of the Request to extend a deferral period (Office document, 31kB). The former student, the main supervisor or, if relevant, the sponsor may make a request for an extension. 

A summary of the steps taken in making and approving requests is set out in the deferral of access process (PDF, 297kB).



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