Depositing your definitive 'Library Copy' of the dissertation

Depositing a definitive copy of your dissertation for the library 

Within 28 Days of your degree being awarded, or - where there are oustanding minor errors - within 28 days following confirmation of the satisfactory completion of those corrections, you must:

  1. Complete and submit an electronic copy of the definitive version of your dissertation (or published work and commentary), including all corrections required by the examiners, via Pure.
  2. As part of the submission process, you must complete a Depositor Declaration

Guidance from the Library on electronic deposits is available.   

If you have any problems accessing Pure to deposit your dissertation, please contact For all other queries relating to the deposit process, please contact or call +44 (0)117 455 8124.

You do not need to submit a hardbound version of your dissertation.

You must provide the final copy of the dissertation and the depositor declaration or your dissertation will not be listed in the University's Library Catalogue, or be made publicly available, and your degree certificate will be withheld.

Defer public access to your dissertation

Information on how deferral requests are made and approved is available on the deferred access to dissertations page.

Regulations and code of practice

The Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes provides a framework of procedures and practices to support research degree candidates and their supervisors.

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