Exam dates and timetables

Exam dates

Assessment period dates can be found on the Key dates page. 

The process of compiling the exams timetable 

With the changes to assessment delivery we now have a complex offering of assessment formats and durations being offered to students.  This variety fulfils the pedagogic and logistical needs of students and assessment requirements but makes timetabling these assessments a complex process.  However,

  • We aim to prevent students from having multiple Timed Assessment/ Exam due dates in one day
  • We aim to create a reasonable gap between exams where possible
  • We do not schedule Timed Assessment/ Exam submission deadlines on weekends

With the variety of assessment durations you may find that you have instances of two or more assessments running in parallel. For example, a single-day timed assessment may run alongside a 4 day or longer open book timed assessment.  These are the equivalent of traditional examinations on consecutive days and are not a timetable clash. Although we try to ensure that assessments are spaced out, the number of different options taken by students means that we cannot guarantee that there will not be some assessments that run alongside one another. Indeed, in many cases, the time allowed for the assessment has been chosen to allow for this possibility.

Assessment arrangements for 2021/22

Find out how we are organising exams and assessments this year.

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