Reporting and results in Questionmark

Reporting and Results in Questionmark

This section provides information about running reports and managing results in Questionmark 

For more advanced options, see the Questionmark Knowledge Base.


Questiomark offers a wide range of reports, covering reports for students (detailed coaching reports which can include feedback, gradebooks, and transcripts showing results across several assessments), reulsts for staff (a simple score list or a detailed spreadhseet), analysis to improve your assessments (statistics for individual questions, comparison of scores across assessments).

The reporting functionalities are found in two main areas of the systems; Reporting and Analytics.

You can use Reporting to quickly generate an Excel report to get an overview of the assessment outcome or a Transcript report to view the breakdown of students' answers. From the Transcript report you can then generate and download a copy of individual student reports in word or pdf.  

In Analytics you can generate the Item Analysis report which provides useful information for reviewing and improving your questions. For more information about Analytics

Note: Due to the dependencies on the Questionmark database the reports available in Reporting should only be used for score reporting and small-scall data download.

Report templates

Questionmark provides a set of default templates to generate reports. These can be edited via the Edit button on the right-hand side. If you need to generate the same set of information over a period of time we would recommend customising your own template. You can do this by using Report Manager at the bottom of the page in Reporter.