Delivering assessments in Questionmark

Our Questionmark assessments are delivered over the web, usually to Bristol students authenticated using single-sign-on. Participants without a Bristol username can be created, but they will need to use the guest log in (located on the Questionmark login page).

We recommend Chrome or Edge on UoB managed workstations for credit-bearing activities

Questionmark has been tested using the University's supported browsers (Chrome and Edge) on PCs, we do not recoomend using tablets such as Ipads for summative ssessments or exams. While other browsers and devices have proven to be largely compatible, we do not recommend using them for credit-bearing activities, and support will be limited. 

See the Questionmark supported browsers page for more information.


How to schedule an assessment

Before scheduling an assessment you need to ensure that the assessment is published.

Schedules can be set up for groups of students or individuals. If you are running an invigilated assessment or an exam you will need to set up a Group schedule with the option of 'Create a schedule for each participant in the group'. This will help to manage the schedule on the day, eg deleting schedules for students who are not taking the assessment or allowing extra time.


How do I generate a copy of the assessment for printing?

The easiest way to do is to use the option 'Print for Review' and use a bookmarklet to change the layout. To do this you will need to use Chrome. 

Please note: This option, unfortunately, does not keep the questions in the order that you have created them in the assessment.

The other option for printing is to use the 'Try-Out' option in Questionmark and Print to PDF.

This option will work best for Multiple Choice, True/False, Yes/No, Likert, and Multiple Response questions. Other questions types may need to be edited manually.

Scheduling students with extra time

To give extra time to an individual participant, set up an individual schedule. You do this by selecting the option 'Create a schedule for each participant' when you first schedule the test, then editing the individual's schedule once they have all been set up.

If you have a group or participants who need the same amount of extra time, we recommend you put them in a separate group to make scheduling easier.

Either way, you will need to select the option 'Overide time limit' and enter the total amount of time required. For example, if the assessment time is 60 minutes and the student has an extra 15 minutes allowed you enter 75 minutes.