Authoring questions and assessments in Questionmark

Writing questions and developing assessments in Questionmark

Authoring questions and assessments in Questionmark is done in the Authoring area of the system.

In Authoring you will have access to a topic folder and an assessment folder. The topic folder contains all your questions, while the assessment folder contains all your assessments.

Download the Getting started guide for information and instructions

How to write a Multiple Choice question with Authoring:

Note: You can use the option on the left to add extra choices, assign metatags, etc or you can click on Advanced to use advanced functionalities

Video guides series

How to create a Multiple Choice Question (video)

How to create a Drag and Drop Question (video)

Revision history and rollback options video guide

How to develop an assessment with Authoring

Video guide series 

How to develop an assessment

How to make an assessment available for scheduling

Randomisation and adaptive set-up in assessments

Questionmark offers many options for randomisation in questions and assessment design and adaptive testing, which include:

Templates for assessments

The assessment layout is controlled via the UoB templates, which are available in the assessment settings. UNless you have specific requirements we recommend the use of the UoB-QXQ to display one question at a time and the UoB- all Questions to display the questions on one page (recommended for a maximum of ten questions). A list of templates is provided below for reference. 

Template nameDescription
_01 UoB – QXQ Displays one question per page. This is the recommended template for all exams and assessments unless there are particular requirements.
_02 UoB - QXQ - Calculator Includes a web-based calculator in the browser.
_08 UoB - All Questions Displays all questions on one page. It is recommended to use the "Save As You Go" feature with 'manual and automatic'. 

Questionmark live for collaborative authoring 

The Questionmark Live service will be retired following the August 2021 release.