Xerte Online Toolkit

What is it?

Xerte creates accessible and interactive online content without needing expensive tools or coding skills.

Xerte Online Toolkits provide simple tools allowing creation of engaging and interactive online materials. Xerte provides a variety of template pages to create online tutorials. These templates offer a variety of interactions to display text, images, media and more.

Why use it?

Xerte is mobile friendly! It publishes its content as HTML5, the standard for interactive online materials. Content works with most devices, there's no need to download extra software or plugins.

Xerte is an online tool. There’s nothing to download or install, you just point a browser at Xerte and you’re ready to go.

Your projects live on a dedicated server. Once published you can place it into VLEs (Blackboard, Moodle), websites or emails.

Changes made to the project are instantly reflected anywhere linked or embedded.  You won’t end up with out-of-date versions floating around.

Available to everyone with a UoB login. Whether used by staff or students, Xerte is a powerful tool.

How do I start using Xerte?

Visit Xerte and login with your UoB username.

The Xerte Crash Course will guide you through the basics. This interactive video covers creating a project, adding pages and using media. You'll also learn how to make your project available to others and embed it into a VLE.


Note: if the embedded Xerte Crash Course is not working correctly or you are accessing via a mobile device try this alternative link: Xerte Crash Course.

Once you've understood the basics try experimenting with other page templates.  

What support is available?

Once a user is orientated, Xerte is relatively easy to use. Contact us for advice and guidance:

+44 (0)117 42 83055
Internal: 83055

You may also benefit from attending the Digital Education Office Designing and Creating Digital Materials Workshop, which covers aspects of producing online materials effectively.

Xerte Upgrade 2019

We plan to upgrade Xerte to the latest version, Xerte X, in August 2019.

This improved version of Xerte will bring the following improvements: