Running and invigilating online exams

The following guidance is intended to supplement the Examination Office's Information for Invigilators and the University regulations on the conduct of assessment.

Before making an online exam available to students please review the information, advice and guidance available on the Planning online tests. More information about what level of support is available for running online exams can be found on the Online tests page.

The following guidance provides you with information and advice about preparing to deliver the exam. It is recommended that one member of staff coordinates these activities. High stakes assessments and online exams, as well as other types of examinations, should be run by a team of staff who are familiar with the procedures to follow for invigilation and troubleshooting.

Keep in mind that there may be additional considerations due to Covid-19 restrictions, e.g. related to building availability and handling of PC equipment and paper versions.

Running and invigilating online assessment