Information for parents

What we are able to tell you

Our confidentiality policy (PDF, 29kB) recognises our students as independent adults. We therefore require student consent to talk to anyone outside the University about them, including parents and guardians.

We cannot confirm to a third party if someone is a student at the University, or their whereabouts. However, we will follow up on any concerns raised about one of our students.

We require all students to provide the details of an emergency contact when they register for their programme of study. This may be a parent, guardian or other responsible individual. The University will use emergency contact details in very serious situations when it’s in the student’s ‘vital interests’ that we do so.

If a student chooses to opt-in

We also ask students to opt-in and give consent for us to contact a designated parent, guardian or friend in situations that are not emergencies, but where we have serious concerns about their wellbeing.

Help we can offer

Find out what help and support we can offer.

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy

Read about our approach to student mental health and wellbeing (PDF 5,591 kB).

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