LGROW 2.06 - software for longitudinal growth norms

This software implements a system for longitudinal growth norms, written by Huiqi Pan, Harvey Goldstein and Jon Rasbash. It is maintained by Huiqi Pan at the Institute of Child health, University College London.

Download the software (zip, 2.6 mb)‌ unzip the compressed file and run setup.exe. A training manual is included.

It provides a system of norms for longitudinal growth measurements that allow users to enter a sequence of child measurements (up to age 18 for boys and 16 for girls). The software will then compute selected percentiles for user specified 'velocity' and 'acceleration' functions and also 'conditional' percentiles, for example weight for height.

It is based upon a research project funded by the Medical Research Council, UK with additional support from the Child Growth Foundation.

The use of the software is free for non-commercial purposes, but no technical support is provided. If published material uses the software, due acknowledgement should be made, including the names of the authors and the source of the software.

The work is based upon the following paper:

Modelling for longitudinal growth norms (PDF, 611kB)

There is a variety of software you can use to un-zip files, eg WinZip or CAM unZip.

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