Secondary schools outreach

CHeMneT is our support network for secondary schools, featuring an extensive programme of Conferences, Schools’ Laboratory Programme and Aspiration Raising Days.

Our wide range of practical workshops, from Perfume Chemistry, Structure and Bonding to Caffeine Extraction, offer an opportunity for students to experience hands-on practical work in our award-winning, state-of-the-art Teaching Laboratories. We also run Masterclasses for teachers.

For further information please contact chem-net@bristol.ac.uk.

Secondary schools

Primary schools outreach

Primary school visits aim to reinforce investigative and practical skills of Year 5 and 6 pupils.

We can deliver Science Workshops within 50 miles of Bristol, including an informative yet fun Demonstration Assembly (PDF, 458kB) for the whole school.

Chem@rt is a Bristol ChemLabS initiative that uses real images from research at the University of Bristol to stimulate literacy and creativity of primary school students.

Our Loan Boxes contain materials designed to enthuse pupils about science. Email chem-net@bristol.ac.uk for further details.

Primary schools

Wider community outreach

Bristol ChemLabS also runs many activities across the UK for non-students to educate, excite, enthuse and inspire people about chemistry.

Some activities are run in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry Bristol and District Local Section.

If you would like to be kept informed of these events or make suggestions for future events please email chem-net@bristol.ac.uk.

Wider community


For further information about our outreach activities, please email chem-net@bristol.ac.uk.

Resources for schools

Here you can download Powerpoints, information about lectures, careers, events, teaching resources and online activities.

STEM ambassadors

Much of our outreach relies on postgraduate chemists in the School of Chemistry who are part of the STEM Ambassadors programme.

We are proud to be part of the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme through which final year students work with local schools to develop resources or carry out education research.

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