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Let's Get Pyrotechnical - Matthew Tosh invited to host Guest Lecture

24 November 2017

The Pyrotechnics guest lecture, given by Matthew Tosh on 16th November, was an EXPLOSIVE success! With approximately 250 keen attendees in the audience, Matthew impressed with a variety of different firework techniques, showcasing a range of different colours, sounds and effects.

As a former Physics student here at the University of Bristol, Matthew talked in-depth about the science behind the fireworks, including: how different fuses work, the impact of the casing around gunpowder, which chemicals produce different colours, and how iron is the source of the ‘sparkly bits’ in fireworks. Matthew was also keen to talk about the health and safety aspects of pyrotechnic displays, and about the extensive event management and logistics that go into performing a show. 

The event was organised by Fusion, the School of Chemistry's undergraduate student society. 

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