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Enantioselective carbohydrate receptors published in Chemical Science

21 April 2017

Receptors showing chiral selectivity have been designed and synthesised by the Tony Davis group

Designing powerful and selective carbohydrate receptors is a difficult chemical challenge, especially if these hydrophilic substrates are dissolved in water. 

The paper entitled "Enantioselective carbohydrate recognition by synthetic lectins in water", by Pablo Rios, Tiddo Mooibroek, Tom Carter, Christopher Williams, Miriam Wilson, Matthew Crump and Tony Davis, describes molecules which distinguish between carbohydrate enantiomers - perhaps the most subtle type of selectivity.  Interestingly they are also exceptionally powerful, demonstrating the value of an exact fit in molecular recognition.

Further information

 Pablo Ríos,  Tiddo J. Mooibroek,  Tom S. Carter,  Christopher Williams, Miriam R. Wilson,  Matthew P. Crump  and  Anthony P. Davis 
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