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Bryan Bzdek awarded Friedlander award by the American Association of Aerosol Research

26 October 2017

Dr Bryan Bzdek, NERC Independent Research Fellow, has been awarded the Friedlander award by the American Association of Aerosol Research. The award was presented at their Annual Conference in North Carolina, which was held last week.

The award recognises an outstanding dissertation by an individual who has earned a doctoral degree in any discipline in the physical, biomedical or engineering sciences in a field of aerosol science and technology. The award is usually made a few years after the award of a doctoral degree once the full impact of the research has become apparent.

The citation noted that "Dr. Bzdek’s dissertation is a blend of laboratory and field measurements to understand chemical processes relevant to particle formation and growth in the atmosphere."  His work provides a fundamental understanding of how amines and ammonia contribute to nucleation and new particle formation in the atmosphere and used advanced mass spectrometry techniques to perform time-resolved measurements of nanoparticle chemical composition. His work led to 12 first-author papers.

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